About page: Boudoir Vintage

Hello! My name is Kate Cecilia and I love vintage dresses. I couldn't find any vintage or pre-loved slips so I started Slips to be Seen. Present day, I still sell vintage slips but I also sell loungewear, lingerie and other boudoir themed accessories and goods. Check out some of my previous sold vintage items here.


Owner of Slips to be Seen

Mission statements

  • I hate the idea of living for the weekend or for a holiday, I want everyday to have some glamour and some fun. Eat with the fancy cutlery, drink from the Waterford Crystal and put your finest wears on for a pint at the local. 
  • The slip should be a closet staple. They are the ultimate investment piece as shapewear, sleepwear, negligee and outerwear. They’re practical, comfortable and add some glam to the day-to-day. 
  • Glamour can be sustainable. When we buy vintage and preloved, we divert clothes from landfill, save on carbon emissions and water that would be produced in the manufacturing process. 
  • Sustainable options can be convenient. Reading the back of every package in the grocery store to see if it is recyclable can be exhausting. Similarly, it can be overwhelming going through hanger after hanger in the thrift store trying to find your sizes. By leveraging the latest tech and tools available, I want to make it as quick and easy as possible to find what you’re looking for with the reassurance that it’s one of the most sustainable options available. 
  • Sustainable options can be affordable. Where possible, I match fast fashion prices. Some of the biggest fast fashion brands in Ireland have no transparency in their supply chain and are involved in poor practices such as union suppression. Thrifting is an affordable alternative to fast fashion.

Reach out with any questions :)