5 ways to include Vintage and Preloved Slips in your Wedding Day

5 ways to include Vintage and Preloved Slips in your Wedding Day

We’re discussing vintage and preloved slips for weddings. After all, the old adage says that you need ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ for your wedding and a vintage or preloved slip can be all four if you think about it. Let’s look at six ways that vintage and preloved slips are used in weddings: 

  1. Getting ready: The wedding party can wear slips while they get ready. Slips are comfortable to wear while getting your hair and make up done (or whatever your polishing up process is). 
  2. Photographs: Vintage and preloved slips are great photo props! They can add a vintage or nostalgic theme to your wedding photos. 
  3. Building glam: The champagne is flowing, the rollers are in the hair and the nails are getting painted. Slips are another means to further build on the glamour of the day. 
  4. Wedding party gift: Wedding party gifts such as bridesmaids’ dresses are a great memento of the day. However, vintage and preloved slips can be used much more frequently than formal wedding wear. 
  5. Dash of uniqueness: If all your wedding party are wearing the same outfit such as a bridesmaids’  dress then a slip is a way to give each person’s look a unique twist. For example, imagine a bridal party all lined up each with a unique hem or pop of colour visible. 

Did you include vintage and preloved slips on your wedding day? Use the comment section to tell us how <3















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