The Good Wardrobe interior showing art, gifts, vintage and contemporary clothes

Slips to be Seen is joining the Good Wardrobe!

Hi folks!

I'm pleased to announce that I've joined The Good Wardrobe at 16 Bailey's New St, Waterford, X91 TH26.

The Good Wardrobe, situated in Waterford, is known for its selection of vintage and contemporary clothing, local artwork, and upcycled goods created by local artisans. The collaboration reflects a shared commitment to promoting mindful living and sustainable fashion.

For updates on The Good Wardrobe's offerings, you can follow them on Instagram at @thegoodwardrobe, find them on Facebook as, or explore the website at

Keep an eye out for future blog posts where I'll introduce the other amazing sellers of The Good Wardrobe. 

Best regards,

Kate Cecilia <3 

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