Style slips with… shirts

Style slips with… shirts

<3 Style slips with… shirts <3 

Consider pairing hardy check shirts with slips that have a delicate lacey trim or bust details.

I think slips and shirts are a treat to the eye because they are a more unexpected combination. Their designs and functions are essentially contrasting.

Shirts are typically made of hardier materials like cotton and linen while slips are made of silky feeling materials like nylon. Shirts are usually plain plaids while slips have beautiful lacy embellishments. Shirts are traditionally considered workwear while slips and other negligee are not even considered essential. There’s just something about pairing a slip with a shirt that highlights the elegance and whimsicality of slips. 

 Peach slip with purple and green shirt, bandana and brown belt Black slip with red check shirt and leather jacket

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