A 5 point vintage dress checklist


When a dress catches your eye on pay day and your wallet is a little less tightly bound, here's a handy checklist to reassure you in your new purchase. 
Price Why even get your hopes up if it’s out of your budget?  Seams While we can all give fixing a hem a go when motivated, seams are another skill level. If they are particularly frayed, it may not be mendable.  Hem Depending on your skills, if the hem falls then it may end up unused for a few weeks while you muster up the energy to fix it again. Zipper While zippers are easily changed, luck would have it that a sixty year old zip would break as you’re already running late. Worse still, it could break after a night out as you try to go to bed or while someone else tries to unzip it hastily ;)  Underarms If the underarm fabric is looking thin than some mending may be required down the line. Replacing that section of a dress may also be tricky depending on the design. Light fabrics and especially cream fabrics are particularly prone to sweat staining.

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